How to prevent or cure burnout in 21 days?
Anonymously, without waiting, even without a call?
Even with employees you never reached until now?

Our medical study shows you how

A large proportion of your employees remain under the radar today. They drop out at some point without you having been able to intervene in time. The costs associated with this can easily amount to 70,000 EUR per lost employee.

At the World Congress on Psychiatry 2019 Dr. Paul Koeck showed the results of 10,000 participants in the daily on-line self-help program The full report is now available for your company.

Or download the white paper with all the recommendations and the roadmap.

Maybe you already have apps for prevention?

You may know other apps like Calm, Betterhelp, Headspace, Workplace Options or other e-learning platforms.

How sure are you that this will measurably keep or get your employee out of real burnout in your context?
How sure are you that your results will be sustainable over years?
How confident are you that you are also preventing relapse preventively?
How many burnouts do you think this will effectively prevent per year?
How non-committal are these solutions?
Do you just want to ease your conscience that you are doing something? Or your boss?
Or do you REALLY want to help your people clinically proven?
With medically scientifically proven solutions?
With measurable results?

One burnout costs your company 70,000 EUR.
You can prevent this from 997€ / month!

Through 20 years of experience, 40+ million tests and 16,000+ daily users, we have been able to improve our approach step by step. The median participant is within 21 days symptom-free (that's faster than the average intake interview at a social worker's office). Our long-term research shows that even after 6 years, the median participant remains symptom-free.

With the free version PRO you test all your employees for free, unlimited and for life:
Completely anonymous and under the radar
With a free anonymous company diagnosis and statistics

Afterwards you really help your employees with the paid version :
Pay only for those employees who effectively work on a daily basis (preventive or curative)
With a return on investment of >600%!

After their active participation, we continue to follow up with your employees for free for life.

Or download the white paper with all the recommendations and the roadmap.

This is how your employees get started




Step 1

Complete the self-test

Via a personalized page for your company, your employees fill in the self-test for the first time.

The test is completely anonymous, as an employer you only know the average scores and the number of participants.

Step 2

Subscribe to the automatic retest

Your employee can subscribe to a monthly or 3-monthly retest. We will send an automatic invitation for this.

By completing the test, the employee can follow his personal evolution and will receive some anti-stress tips each time via text and videos.

21 days later...




Step 3

Enroll in the daily program

If desired, your employee can sign up for the daily program to get actively involved. Each day he/she receives reflective questions aimed at developing solution-focused self-knowledge. We supplement this with videos and exercises. After about two weeks, participants begin to report that their view of themselves has changed as a result of this self-reflection.

Our research shows that most participants are symptom free after 21 days. After 30 days we see a 60% drop in stress and after 49 days a 70% drop in stress.

What do participants say?

Kathleen talks about stress and overtiredness
Dr. Mast himself followed

What do doctors say?

Looking for more information?

If so, please refer to our video page, press review, and the results of our survey.