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Personalized computer program prepared by physicians. Fifteen minutes a day for 30 days.
You pay $97 once now, your access stops automatically after 30 days. 
We will refund you after 30 days if you are not satisfied 

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This program does not replace a physician or medical advice, as this is the unique responsibility of your own (primary) physician. This recovery program can only be purchased by individuals.

What measurable result can I expect?
  1. Most participants are satisfied and symptom-free in 21 days, i.e. scoring again in the green zone on our test*, 
  2. and on average maintain their results for the following years after ending the program.
  3. A large part of them (about 25%) already after one week because the stress scores decrease rapidly while your life satisfaction increases rapidly, as you can read below.
This is shown by a study on more than 10.000 participants, followed by a lifelong follow-up of the participants, now for more than 6 years. This study was presented at several international medical and psychological scientific conferences. Below more details about their evolution.
The average stress reduction during the follow up of the program is
  • - 27% after 7 days,
  • - 37% after 14 days
  • - 57% after 21 days
  • - 60% after 30 days
  • - 70% after 49 days
The average increase in the satisfaction about themselves and their quality of life:
  • +20% after 7 days
  • +30% after 14 days
  • +40% after 21 days

* For the statisticians: These figures reflect the median
How does this practically improve my life?
After a few weeks you will notice that
  1. you will be more optimistic and energetic,
  2. you will think more solution-oriented and
  3. you will be able to deal with difficulties differntly.
  4. you will be less tense.
  5. you will be able to relativize the setbacks better, put them into perspective and find new solutions for them.
  6. you will be told by your surroundings that you react differently to certain things.
  7. you will start to live your life as you wish.

This is because
  1. this daily self-help program '15Minutes4Me.com' helps you to help yourself more optimally, because of 30 days of daily mental training.
  2. You learn to reflect in a more solution-focused way because of our solution-focused questions.
  3. You will learn to make better choices in a first stage.
  4. You will then learn to make and implement your own new choices on a daily basis - supported by this program.
  5. you will learn to practice this 'self-choosing' into sustainable healthy habits that lead to a better life!
  6. We will not let you alone in this program until you have learned to live as you wish to live.

You develop a life full of new habits that lead to more joy & satisfaction with less stress or negativity.
How does the online self-help program work?
The program offers you:
  1. Daily 15 minutes personalized self-help online
  2. New practical exercises every week
  3. Eweekly short simple commands
  4. Weekly charts with your progress
  5. A weekly evaluation with report for your doctor
  6. Auxiliary support of a support figure every week, if you like : family, partner, friend
How do I get started?
  1. Subscribe now with this form
  2. Pay Online via payment methods such as PayPal, credit card, Ideal, Bankcontact, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Carte Bleu. (Offline payment is impossible)
  3. Start immediately by logging in via the link in the email you will receive, together with your login and password. 
  4. First, allow our email address "noreply@m.15Minutes4Me.com" in your spam filter as a 'safe sender'. Our emails will be sent from this address.
  5. Follow the program daily for 15 minutes until you feel good and satisfied
Why do physicians recommend this program?
A few examples
  • A participant who followed the program a few years ago during her burnout told me that thanks to the self-reflection during this program she had come to the decision to start her own business.
  • A mother of three suffered burnout during an intensely busy period in her career as a manager and told me in a video interview how the self-help program helped her.
  • A journalist from Psyche and Brain followed this program for a month to write about it, and was surprised when his girlfriend pointed out after 2 weeks that she had never seen him so calm even though he had 8 important deadlines ahead of him at that time.
  • In his bestseller 'Borderline times', Prof. Drik De Wachter recommended this program for people looking for effective self-help.
For reasons of privacy and professional secrecy, most examples are given anonymously. Some experiences can be found on this website in the form of an interview or video.

Scientific references

Our exceptional and sustainable results have been noted by a.o:
  • TEDx
  • The medical press such as Doctors' Newspaper and Specialists' Newspaper among others
  • World Psychiatry Congress 2017 in Berlin
  • 'European Brief Therapy Conference' in San Francisco, San Diego in Phoenix and in Anaheim (2018, 2016, 2015, 2014)
  • 'Congrès Français de psychiatrie 2017' in Lyon
  • 'Flemish Congress of Mental Health' in Belgium (2018, 2016, 2014)

Our online self-help program helps CEOs, celebrities and business leaders as much as students, professionals and other people like you and me to live again the way you want to live. The program was 100% developed by doctors whose calling is to help people live healthy and fulfilled lives.